Friday, 17 December 2010


Which hair colour should I go next?

This is the colour I am at the moment. The colour is black.

Next, picture was taken a year ago. I had my hair done at the hairdressers, because I was changing from being blonde. This colour is mahogany.

On the last picture I am blonde as you can see. I was blonde for about 6 years. I did not have my hair as long as I do now, since by bleaching my hair so many times it made it very dry. However, I loved being blonde, but it "kills" my hair even if I used the most expensive hair treatments.

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog. Let me know which colour you think I should change to now.  Maybe, Red?


  1. I change me hair sooooooo often too.. People think im crazy for doing it.. But I was gonna say Red too.. lol!!

  2. I LOOOOVE mahogany, but it's so high maintenance!

  3. I like your hair black. It looks really good on you. I know what you mean about blonde hair. I've had blonde hair for about 4 years now and I've tried so many products, but it's still so dry and I can't grow it out. I'm thinking of going dark, but I'm terrified lol

  4. I love the black, it really shows your features. Im the same way always changing colors! And I too @Julie was blonde for about 4 years and my hair would not grow for anything! I finally colored it medium brown for about a year now and its finally growing!!

  5. Thank you girls for your comments!:)
    I don't think that I will go blonde for at least awhile. It is too expensive to upkeep and damaging for the hair. Maybe when I am rich I'll change to blonde.
    To go lighter shade I was advised to use special treatment that is quite hash for ones hair or alternatively use the washing up liquid to strip the colour. I did not like this idea at all especially the washing up liquid one. I may just change my skin colour instead. Lol! Make it a bit darker with a fake tan.

  6. the black one is good on you, it shows clearly your beautiful face. you have a great blog, following you now, you can visit my blog anytime!kisses!

  7. The dark looks wonderful on you!
    I am a blonde and think it is just boring. Dark hair=sexy
    Especially on you!