Sunday, 23 January 2011

Exerimenting with Models Own nail polish!

Hello my dear followers! Sorry, for a long delay in my posting. My two weeks where quite hectic.  
Just wanted to share with you what I have created with Models Own nail polish that I got for Christmas.  If I did not say before I will state that I love Model Own mail polish. They do great colours so they don’t require a lot of coating on your nail. Moreover, they DRY QUICK and LAST A LONG TIME without chipping (up to 6 days).

I have also used Sally Hansen Nail hardener about which I cannot complain as well. I used it before applying Models own and after as a top coat.
I have used Models Own “25 Carat Gold” and “Silver Fox”.

I actually took the picture of my nails after 5 days of wearing the polish and it still looks the same as on the first day.

Thank you for reading my blog! Looking forward to your comments!


  1. ohmygod 5 days already and still going strong! thanks for your comment on my china glaze nail polish btw! too bad it sucked :< i had to stay away from china glaze from now on...i prefer OPI :) i have yet to try models own though :D but from the photos, it looks promising!

  2. Wow, I cant beli8eve how long it lasts...the color is awesome as well.!!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. New follower here :) You have such a cute blog!



  4. Woah its so intrinsic and beautiful! I don't have the nails and the patience for it! And that it lasted so long is amazing! x

  5. I love Models Own. Their polishes are great. Love what you did, I would never thought or wearing gold and silver together, great look!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  6. Thats gorgeous babez!
    izzy xx

  7. I wanted to inform you that I've nominated you for "The Versatile Blogger" Award. Thank you for your fun to read and informative beauty blog. :)