Wednesday, 12 January 2011

HELP: What to buy next?

I have been to Toni and Guy hairdressers recently and I've been told that the reason why my hair goes static is because its dry. They have used on me Kerastase conditioner and a treatment for a dry hair and my hair seemed to look great that day. I am thinking of buying some, but it is quite expensive.

I wanted to know if you have  tried this product or if you know any other hair products that can help.

I am also in need of new bronzer for my face. I have Too Faced Candy Bar Eye Shadow & Shimmer Bar, but there is only a bit left in the pot and they don't do this product any more :( The great thing about it is that it had four colours which could be used as eye shadow.

Would you have any recommendations?

Thank you for reading this post. I am exited to receive  your comments!


  1. that child pic looks so cute!

    congrats you hit pan on the candy bar!!

  2. Hope the coconut oil works for you! If not, try mixing a small cup of yogurt with a tablespoon or so of honey. Put it all throughout your hair or just on the tips. Then cover with plastic and let sit for 20 minutes or a bit longer (not too long because it's dairy) wash and condition as usual!

    Hope it helps. Hair can be so frustrating sometimes but your hair is just luscious!!


  3. I enrolled in your blog ..... can do the same with my kiss I'll wait ...tks

  4. i use morraccanoil and i LOVE it!!! my hair is fine so i use the "light" version so it doesnt weigh my hair down

    hope that helps! good luck :)


  5. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments!

    Jennifer - i agree with you about the picture. Although, I wish i looked like that when my hair gets static. Moreover, not sure i understand your comment "you hit pan on the candy bar". :)

    Blondes on a budget - Thanks for the great advice.I will lookfor a coconut oil in the shops. I couldn't find a yogurt in my fridge so i added olive oil to the honey and left it for 15 min. Fingers cross. ;)

    VALENTINA COCO - thanks for following me. i am following back.

    Jocee411 - Morraccan oil sounds very nice. i only tried jasmin oil, but i couldn't tell the difference. Maybe, i did not use frequently enough. I will look for this oil as well. Thanks sweety!:)

  6. Hi sweety!!
    I would recommend you that product from Kerastase (Nectar Termique) as it is really worthy!! It is one of my fave haircare products ever, so I would recommend it to you for sure!
    Besides, another product I would highly recommend is the Kesastase Oleo Relax. I have written a review about it here and I really hope it can help you!
    Lots of love from a new follower,

  7. lol that photo is so funny!! x

  8. I have the same problem with my hair, I usually tame it down with Kerastase Nutritive Oleo Relax. Hope it helps.Kisses.

  9. Catanya - Thank you for your advice and I have read your post about the product. :)

    Elizabeth - I agree :)

    Lala Makeup - Thank you for your suggestion. I will definitely purchase this in the near future.