Thursday, 3 February 2011

Famous Beauties

Hey, pips! 
Just wanted to share with you my admiration for some of the famous beauties. I  have a dark hair at the moment and I was researching a lot to find brunette celebrities with beautiful make up looks to copy. Eventually, I found few of my favourites. I admire their looks and I think that they would suit my complexion too.

Mila Kunis -  is an American actress that was originally from Ukraine. I saw her first in American comedy sitcom "That 70's show". I love her acting and I find her quiet funny. The last movie I saw her in was "Black Swan".

Megan Fox - I love her for her petite body, pretty face and bad ass image.

Adriana Lima - Brazilian model. She most famous for her modelling work at the Victoria Secret fashion Shows.

Kim Kardashian - American socialite, actress and a model. I've never watched her shows and I only found out about her on the net.  I respect the fact that she is proud of hair curvaceous body.   I myself have curves and I don't think that there is anything wrong with that. 
Her make up artist is Mario Dedivanovic. You can find his blog at

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  1. Hey these are some of my favourite famous brunettes! They are all so stunning :)

    Nice blog by the way, check mine out too let me know what you think xoxo