Friday, 19 November 2010

What I want for Christmas!!!

This perfume is my all time favourite. It’s for night time, but if I have it I wear it all the time. It's composed of  rose, patchouli and amber.

I've never had GHD straighteners and I always wanted them. Anyone I know tells me how good they are and that they only use this straighteners. My hair is wavy and hard to get it poker straight, but when the hairdressers tried GHD on my hair it looked just perfect. This new limited edition set looks gorgeous and I want it bad!
Yes, holiday please! I’ve not had one for ages. It would be nice to go somewhere hot and exotic like, Thailand, Jamaica or Mexico.

Let me know about your Christmas wishes.


  1. I love the GHD midnight collection!

  2. Ooooh, lovely choices! My mum uses the same perfume and I've always absolutely loved it. I almost wish I needed new GHDs so I could get these cos they're just so pretty!

    My Christmas wish list includes new pjs, dvds and some Soap & Glory goodies (havent given it much thought yet!) :)

  3. I want a holiday too!!!!!!!!!

  4. Somebody has their Santa's list ready.... I love the things you have chose! Xmas is my favourite holiday, you get the chance to feel like a my blog for whenever you feeling like stoppin' by!Dont forget to join the prizegiveaway contest!Love from Greece!!!

  5. the midnight perfume sounds awesome! :) I wanted to go to the beach for christmas with my bf...but thats probably not going to happen. So I think I'll settle for a cute hat- to keep my head warm this winter.

  6. Thanks guys for your comments!I hope you all get all the presents that you want! :) x

  7. Ah its a really musky, sexy perfume and they never go well with me :( Sweet bottle though!


  8. Great list, I love GHD straightners, that midnight collection looks fab. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog. Hope you get what you want, would love a holiday too :) xxx