Monday, 31 January 2011

Tips for Valentine's Day !!!

Have you thought about the Valentine’s Day yet?  If not you should, because its 14 days left.  Therefore, due to the panic of not being prepared on time I did a little research and threw few ideas that may help me or anyone to be organised for this Valentine’s Day.  So far, I only bought a gift for my boyfriend.  It is a men’s aftershave + free man’s umbrella from Debenhams.  

So below is few essential items that are vital to create the romantic atmosphere.
Valentines essentials:

·                               To look extra sexy on the day. Wear your sexiest and reviling outfit. If you need to buy some you can visit Victoria Secret online site, Ann Summers or if on budget Primark store.

·                 Candles - if you are on the budget you can purchase tea light candles, if you do use them make sure you put each of the candle into a candle holder to prevent a fire.
You can also use scented candles or essential oils.  The essentials oil you can purchase from Boots or Holland and Barrett.
 Cinnamon and Vanilla – are most popular smells amongst women and men;  Lavender – relaxing;  YlangYlang-soothes and lifts the mood; Oranges-since Egyptians time this sent was used to arouse and uplift the mood; Jasmine and many more.   I found a website that has aromatherapy recopies  for a romantic massage or to create the mood for love (

·         Flowers – red/pink/white roses

·         Theme – Red, Black, Pink, White,  Paper Hearts, Candy hearts, Rose petals, Red /Pink/White balloons. 

  • ·    Food – treat him to his favourite dish. If not sure spaghetti is very easy to make and can be quite a romantic meal with a delicious desert afterwards.  Chocolate, asparaguses, basil, almonds, oysters are classed as few of the aphrodisiacs for romantic meal.

·         Drinks- depend on what you both like to drink. My boyfriend is not drinking at the moment so it will probably be juiceJ

·                Present  - cuddly toy , men’s aftershave, sexy underwear.  If you are on the budget than it’s worth pop in to your local Pound shop. I went to one in Preston and they had a section for valentine’s day decorations and gifts. Moreover, you can also be creative and make something like a poem or drawing or a song for him. This will be even more special to your loved one, because it will come from your heart.

·         Romantic videos – You’ve got mail,  When Harry met Sally, the Notebook(although this movie makes me cry at the end which may not be a good idea to do on the romantic night), Love actually,  Chocolate, Pride and Prejudice,  Valentine’s Day,

·                    Music- you can collect all your favourite romantic songs on one album and play it on the night.  I personally like "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye; "I'd Die for You" by Bon Jovi , "I Want to Know What Love Is" by Foreigner. When I am in the romantic mood I also like to listen to artists such as Mariah Carey and Bryan Adams.

I have also thought of few romantic ideas you can do on this day.

Plan of action.

1.     Surprise him with sexy underwear. Set the bedroom with lots of candles, rose petals on the bed, romantic music, and exotic smells. Maybe do a sexy dance for him to relax the mood.

2.    Prepare delicious meal and eat it at the candle lit table.

3.    Rent out sexy or romantic movies and watch it together cuddled up.

4.    Have a bath together if you bath will allow you to do that. If not, shower can be sexy too.

5.    Go out for something to eat at a cosy romantic restaurant.

I also found very interesting website . This site provides great romantic ideas.
Thank you for reading my post. I am looking forward to your comments.


  1. Interesting post, maybe you'll post a valentine's day makeup too :).Kisses

  2. Million dollar bra from Victoria's secret (left pic) is good way to enjoy Valentine. :-D No, this is amazing post. Like them! ;-)

    Have a nice day